Glass Bottom Boat Ride in Andaman:

Glide over the Andaman Sea in a glass bottom boat and watch the mesmerizing underwater paradise unfold before you. Get familiarized with the sea creatures without even having to wet your toe.

Glass bottom boat rides are pretty famous in the islands. These glass bottom boats are those boats that are specially made for exploring the marine life beneath the water from above. These boats have glass fitted bottoms from where you can have a clear view of the vibrant corals and the rich marine flora & fauna. 

Glass bottom boat rides are a fun activity that can be availed to enjoy the stunning beauty of the world underwater without getting yourself wet. Explore the sea that is full of wonders waiting to charm you!! Take a ride on the luxurious speedboat that is made out of international quality standards and is absolutely safe and comfortable. 

The glass-bottom boat rides can be availed by anyone i.e. is by both senior citizens and little kids. Anyone who is afraid or does not want to get into the water can hop on to the glass-bottom boats to admire the amazing corals and the vibrant fish. These speedboats are spacious, comfy and well equipped with all the safety standards to keep you safe throughout the trip. We suggest this ride to the ones who are afraid to get into the water or people who have health issues and for small kids who cannot indulge in diving or snorkeling. The clear and durable glass gives a sheer view of the remarkable corals and other marine life.

So, when you are at the islands and do not want to enter the water due to fear or any other health reasons as such you can always go for the glass-bottom boat rides to enjoy the marvelous beauty beneath the sea.

Best Places for Glass Bottom Boat Ride in Andaman:

1: Jollybuoy / Redskin (Port Blair)

2: North Bay (Port Blair)

3: Elephanta Beach (Swaraj Dweep)

4: Bharatpur Beach (Shaheed Dweep)